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Monday, 29 January 2018

Ex Libris: Altered Books

Well done to Lyndy Moles from MA Illustration whose artist's book is in this exhibition.

Ex Libris: Altered Books
Exhibition of recycled and transformed books by Sparksartists and friends
9 December 2017 – 24 February 2018

For his Mother by Lyndy Moles

Monday, 22 January 2018

Update from Tsveta Petrova - graduated from MA Illustration in September.

So basically, the Anglo-American School in Sofia (Bulgaria) invited me to do some workshops and talk about my own art and my book. I met some of the high school and middle school groups, I showed them some of my illustrations, I did demonstrations with them where I would draw characters and they would suggest what features they would have and I would draw them on the spot. We had a quick Q&A session, where they asked about my book and all kinds of questions related to my artwork.


The last group I met were the 5th graders, which were so excited for this! They loved the live-drawing bit, and after that they drew their characters as well, at the end some of the kids gave me their drawings as a gift, and some of them even asked me for autographs! It was such a great experience, I really enjoyed it, especially meeting the youngest kids- they were very curious and very impressed by everything!

For more on Tsveta's work visit:

Monday, 15 January 2018

University Alliance: Christmas Design Competition

Congratulations to Georgie Underwood - winner of the christmas card design competition organised by the University Alliance.
See link for details.


Monday, 8 January 2018

Aggie Davies 2016 Alumni

Since leaving University I moved to Berlin to do an artist residency for 3 months - it was amazing! I had really missed having studio space and time to do nothing else but create! I ended up meeting many friends through responding to open calls for art exhibitions over the city,and my unusual work about witchcraft and magic put me in contact with some amazing artists of all kinds, which led to collaborations and pushed me to explore things outside my comfort zone as an illustrator.  One highlight was preforming in the Berlin feminist film festival, on a collaborative performance art piece with 3 other artist friends called "The Witch Within", inspired by rituals and the films "The Love Witch"

I ended up staying in Berlin an extra 3 months, and spent some of the time curating a participatory art project based around the supressed women's voice. We took over a gallery space for a week and invited women to come and share their stories with us and hosted workshops with the aim of empowering women. It went really well and I managed to even make some cash from selling lots of work so it was a sucess!!! Using art mediums to aid and encourage women to open up and express themselves made me think again of taking a new direction and investigating art therapy.

Since then I have been working as an activities support worker for a day centre with adults with brain injury, I first started as a volunteer but they then offered me a job.I absolutely love it and every Monday we dedicate the day to art based activities which is enjoyed by everyone! It is very rewarding and made me think more about the idea of being an art therapist, something I have always thought about and now I think I am ready to apply for an MA course. I also volunteer with an art therapist in a hospice which is challenging but great experience!