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Monday, 22 January 2018

Update from Tsveta Petrova - graduated from MA Illustration in September.

So basically, the Anglo-American School in Sofia (Bulgaria) invited me to do some workshops and talk about my own art and my book. I met some of the high school and middle school groups, I showed them some of my illustrations, I did demonstrations with them where I would draw characters and they would suggest what features they would have and I would draw them on the spot. We had a quick Q&A session, where they asked about my book and all kinds of questions related to my artwork.


The last group I met were the 5th graders, which were so excited for this! They loved the live-drawing bit, and after that they drew their characters as well, at the end some of the kids gave me their drawings as a gift, and some of them even asked me for autographs! It was such a great experience, I really enjoyed it, especially meeting the youngest kids- they were very curious and very impressed by everything!

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