Monday, 23 July 2018

Alumni - Lorna Harrington working for the Wildscreen Festival

"The Wildscreen Festival is the world’s biggest global gathering of natural world storytellers. It convenes over 850 filmmakers, photographers, broadcasters, technologists and conservationists from over 40 countries for one week in Bristol, UK, to celebrate and nurture the wildlife film and TV genre... 
Since its inception in 1982, each Festival has utilised wildlife photographs or illustrations to provide its unique and memorable visual identity. As the 2018 Festival draws closer, we are thrilled to introduce Lorna Leigh Harrington, whose illustrations will become the face of this year’s Festival. We have commissioned Lorna to create five illustrations of species that highlight the diversity of life on Earth, focusing on the more underappreciated or endangered species from different habitats. The species are: the Iberian lynx, helmeted hornbill, Muller’s mushroomtounge salamander, Queen Alexandra’s butterfly and sea urchins, all of which will have their time in the spotlight throughout the Festival and will be showcased in this blog series.
We spoke to Lorna about her passion for the natural world and how it inspires her work."
See this great feature on our alumni Lorna Harrington!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started in this creative industry
I’ve always had a real passion for art and design, and have always doodled. I find drawing really cathartic. I started working within the industry shortly after graduating university, taking up a few intern roles in London for a couple of magazines and a fashion website. After this I worked as a freelance illustrator and designer for a few years which took me from sunny Bognor Regis to Bristol city life. I have been lucky enough to work for some really great clients over print, web, app design and fashion.

Beth Frost - MA illustration work in progress on display

Beth Frost's MA Illustration project is on display in the University Library.
The project is called The Siren of Southsea, it's a limited edition artist book that contains an illustrated poem. The narrative is based in tudor portsmouth using the mermaid as a visual metaphor for perfection. The display shows sketches, plans and developmental work plus some finished concertina books.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Dr Maureen O'Neill & Dr Bob Wright

Bob and Maureen are retiring this summer - off to pursue new beginnings after many years working at the School of Art and Design. Both have been fundamental in the development and continued success of the Illustration Course.
We love them and will miss them dearly but wish them every success.


Graduation 2018

More photos from Graduation. Do keep in contact with us so we can share all your successes.

Congratulations to all our GRADUATES!!!

To all the graduates this year; WELL DONE, and many congratulations on the achievements you have earned.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Livy Nelson MA Illustration student wins a Santander Mobility Award!

I feel extremely fortunate that I was one of the lucky winners of the Santander Mobility Award! This award gave me the funding I needed to visit the Swiss Alps, home to the origin of our modern love of mountains.

I decided visited Grindelwald, a village under the North-Face of the famous Eiger mountain.
I thought this would be an ideal are to do observational drawing of mountains. I wasn't wrong. I was only there for 3 nights and honestly wanted to stay there for ever. I even stared planning my return after visiting a bar called Avocado and deciding that this would be the ideal place for me to work.

Incase you're curious, this is what I wrote for my submission:
I am currently studying my MA in Illustration where I am exploring mountains and our relation to them through the sublime. This project came from a love of the mountains themselves and I am drawing on my own experience having spent a part of my life in the French and Italian Alps.

However, it has been some time since I was there and I am relying on memory as well as second hand research to connect with my project. It would be extremely beneficial at this point, to be able to revisit them with my project in mind so that I may gain more clarity and observations surrounding the sublime. I plan on making observational drawings of the mountains themselves, as well as taking note of my own emotional state.
I am grateful for the opportunity to apply for funding as I have looked at costs and I would not be able to afford this journey on my own. I have calculated that it would cost approximately £730, this includes return flights, return train transfer from Zurich to Grindelwald and accommodation in Grinderlwald. I know that this opportunity will allow me to develop my studies by allowing myself to be immersed within the mountains and perhaps experience that extreme emotional point we know as the sublime. 

Here are some of the sketchbook observations I made whist I was in Grindelwald, that will now inform the final stages of my MA Illustration Major Project:




Monday, 9 July 2018

Pompey Illustration @ New Designers 2018

Well done to all our students attending New Designers, your hard work really paid off and there were some great successes;

Congratulations to Carl for his recognition by Pentland, possible artist in residence position and offer of an internship at Hallmark. Well done (and good luck) to Candy for her interview and contact to follow up, shout outs as well to Darcie who has interest from River Island and to Josie whose pop up book received recognition.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Illustration Student Wins Visual Culture Award

I am pleased to announce that Amber Redford has won the Visual Culture Award for the best dissertation of 2017/18. The prize award is £150.