Courses & Staff

Our Lecturers 2018-2019

Rosalind Simms MA
Course Leader BA Illustration
Level 6 coordinator + MA tutor

Senior Lecturer:
Days: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu

Dr Jackie Batey PhD
Course Leader MA Illustration
BA tutor + PhD Supervisor

Senior Lecturer :
Days: Mon/Tue/Wed

Louis Netter MA
Level 4 Coordinator + PhD Supervisor

Senior Lecturer:
Days: Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri

Nicola Hay Mphil
Level 5 Coordinator

Senior Lecturer :
Days: Mon/Wed/Fri

Dr Karenanne Knight PhD

Days: Mon/Wed/Thu

Matt Frame MA
Level 5/6 tutor

Days: Mon/Wed/Thu

Rachel Davey MA
Level 4/5 tutor

Days: Tue/Wed

Lee Sherman
Level 6 tutor

Days: Thursdays

Dr Simon Hobbs PhD
Visual Culture Lecturer

Days in illustration: Tue/Thur (in VC other days)

This new book is now available for you all to view online via issuu or on an ipad as an ibook.
It's a celebration of the course and our fabulous alumni!
Here's the direct link to Artworks on issuu

There's more...
Click the link for a selection of short interviews with some of our students...

Visiting Lecturers and Guest Speakers
In addition to the regular staff we also have a changing series of visiting speakers and tutors, who deliver short projects, give lectures or support specific units.