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Rosalind Simms, BA(Hons), MACourse Leader BA Illustration + MA tutor
Senior Lecturer:
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Dr Maureen O'Neill, BA(Hons), MA, Ph.D
. Level 6 Coordinator + PhD Supervisor
Senior Lecturer:

Dr Jackie Batey, BA(Hons), MA, Ph.D. Course Leader MA Illustration + PhD Supervisor
Senior Lecturer

Louis Netter, BA(Hons), MA. Level 4 Coordinator
Senior Lecturer:
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Nicola Hay, BA(Hons), Mphil. Level 5 Coordinator
Senior Lecturer :
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Karenanne Knight, PhD, Visiting tutor
Visiting Lecturer:

This new book is now available for you all to view online via issuu or on an ipad as an ibook.
It's a celebration of the course and our fabulous alumni!
Here's the direct link to Artworks on issuu

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Visiting Lecturers and Guest Speakers

In addition to the regular staff we also have visiting lecturers, who deliver short projects, give a lecture or support specific units. These have included:
Graham Rawle - Illustrator/Artist/Author
Professor Janet Woolley - Illustrator
Mike Chester - Illustrator/Bookartist
Nigel Coton - Illustrator/Designer
Lorna Woodland - Illustrator/ collage artist
David Lupton - Artist and Illustrator
Jonathan Ward - Bookartist
Trina Dalziel - Illustrator
Christopher Aaron - Illustrator
John McFaul - Illustrator
Jill Pool - Artists and Printmaker
Ross Holden - Artist/Illustrator
Kate Dicker - Woodcut specialist
Margaret Huber - Artist/Illustrator
Neal Layton - Childrens' Book author/illustrator
Harriet Russell - Illustrator
Fig Taylor - Professional Practice
Richard Sant - Professional Practice
Sara Fanelli - Childrens' Book author/illustrator
Sam Chivers - Illustrator from Magic Torch
Darren Garratt from LittleLoud - Animation Company