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Dr. Bob Wright MA, PhD. Joint Course Leader BA Illustration
Bob Wright Senior Lecturer:
Education: Portsmouth School of Art (Illustration) 1971-74
University of Brighton, MA Sequential Design 1997-99
University of Portsmouth, Ph.D. completion 2009.
Trained as an Illustrator and has worked for a variety of clientele since 1974. Research interests include: the coercion that the narrative image plays in Art Design and Media specialism's. Currently exploring the visual narrative of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. Working towards publication and exhibition. Specialist areas of interest are in printmaking, photography, Typography and drawing.

Dr Maureen O'Neill, BA(Hons), MA, Ph.D. Level 6 Coordinator
Education: Graduated from Ravensbourne School of Art, BA Hons, Graphic Design 1971-74
University of Brighton, MA Sequential Design 1995-97
University of Portsmouth, Ph.D. completion 2007
Trained as a graphic designer with a background in magazine design, and joined Portsmouth University in 1988. Research interests include:the computer as a medium for communication and acquisition of knowledge, and the collection and production of Artists' Books. These books are held in a number of permenant collections including Queensland State Library, Sallie Bingham Centre for Women's History and Culture at the Perkins Library and Duke University NC, USA. She received a Learning and Teaching Fellowship Award from the University of Portsmouth in 2009. Her desire to pro-actively assimilate technical advances within the tradition of illustrative practice have led to the construction and curation of a number of international online research projects including ‘Visual Libraries’, ‘The Ministry of Books’, 'Mappassion', 'ImageXchange' and ‘The Visual Language of Number’. These consolidate many of her learning and teaching ambitions through instigating and championing cross-disciplinary exchange through illustrative empowerment, and by sharing communal projects nationally and internationally.

Dr Jackie Batey, BA(Hons), MA, Ph.D. Course Leader MA Illustration
Dr. Jackie Batey Senior Lecturer :
Education: University of Brighton, BA (Hons), Illustration 1991
University of Brighton, MA Sequential Illustration/Editorial Design 1993
University of Brighton, Ph.D. completion 2003
My background is in Illustration and multimedia. Research interests include: creating handmade limited edition artist's books under the brand name of Damp Flat Books. These are held in many permanent collections such as the V&A Museum, Tate Britain, The Getty Institute in Los Angeles and the Joan Flasch Collection, Chicago. I also curate this blog and Zineopolis, our Art-Zine collection. I produce my own serial zine, Future Fantasteek! Now on its 16th issue - the series has recently toured the US and UK.

Rosalind Simms, BA(Hons), MA, Joint Course Leader BA Illustration
Rosalind Simms Senior Lecturer : Lecturer
Education:Graduated from Wolverhampton Polytechnic with a BA(Hons) Printmaking
MA in Printmaking from Wimbledon School of Art.
Research interests include: currently writing a proposal for a practice-based PhD to explore, through the medium of print, mark making employed in record keeping, files and documentation not traditionally available for general viewing. She is looking at opportunities for decoding, medication, interpretation and possible misrepresentation.

Nicola Hay, BA(Hons), Mphil.
Nicola Hay Senior Lecturer :
Education: Graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BA Hons in Art, Design and Media 1997 and an M.Phil 2007
My commercial experience includes consultancy in graphic design, illustration and web design and this has formed the production of work for her research, which is based in the area of visualising interpersonal patterns of communication.

Louis Netter, BA(Hons), MA. Level 4 Coordinator
Louis Netter Lecturer Graduated from the University Loughborough with a BA Hons in Illustration and MA College of New Rochelle. Trained as an illustrator, animator and designer with over 10 years of experience teaching in higher education. As an illustration lecturer, I bring my extensive professional practice in the field of illustration and my passion for nurturing and inspiring young creatives.

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Visiting Lecturers and Guest Speakers

In addition to the regular staff we also have visiting lecturers, who deliver short projects, give a lecture or support specific units. These have included:
Graham Rawle - Illustrator/Artist/Author
Professor Janet Woolley - Illustrator
Mike Chester - Illustrator/Bookartist
Nigel Coton - Illustrator/Designer
Lorna Woodland - Illustrator/ collage artist
David Lupton - Artist and Illustrator
Jonathan Ward - Bookartist
Trina Dalziel - Illustrator
Christopher Aaron - Illustrator
John McFaul - Illustrator
Jill Pool - Artists and Printmaker
Ross Holden - Artist/Illustrator
Kate Dicker - Woodcut specialist
Margaret Huber - Artist/Illustrator
Neal Layton - Childrens' Book author/illustrator
Harriet Russell - Illustrator
Fig Taylor - Professional Practice
Richard Sant - Professional Practice
Sara Fanelli - Childrens' Book author/illustrator
Sam Chivers - Illustrator from Magic Torch
Darren Garratt from LittleLoud - Animation Company